Playstation 5 -Get a brand new PS5 now! HERE

Playstation 5 -Get a brand new PS5 now! HERE

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Playstation 5 -Get a brand new PS5 now! HERE

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GAME to receive PS5 shares before E3 2021

Sony PlayStation 5: PS5 – Best Buy

E3 2021 is fast approaching. If you know you can get a new PS5 ready to play, wouldn’t it be great to be able to watch all the new shows?

Well, hopefully we can help you out. That’s all you need to know to get the new PS5 this weekend.

Try your luck at winning a new PS5

New games to be available for order next week
It looks like GAME will be the next retailer to accept PS5 orders this month, and they should be restocking goods between June 7 and 9.

We could also see Smyths restock this weekend, but we haven’t received confirmation yet.

This should be exciting news for potential PS5 buyers, as this could be the last chance to buy consoles before the upcoming E3 2021 event, where we’ll find many games that will be released next year, and knowing that you’re prepared for the all-new PS5. as these games will be even more exciting.


What’s coming up in June
Throughout the rest of June, it has to be said that stocks have been steadily flowing into the market, but unfortunately, only a small amount of restocking seems to be planned for this month.

According to reports, Argos will be releasing inventory at some point between June 8 and June 16, with a large portion released later this month between June 16 and June 23.

As the months go by, this may change and more retailers may get stock, but that’s what we know now.

Where else can you buy PS5
As we’ve seen over the past year, scalpers have become popular, capturing everything from Pokémon cards to GPUs to game consoles.

While we highly recommend buying from scalpers or retailers that sell for more than the recommended retail price, you can find them here.

China Exchange
CEX is a chain brand that sells used entertainment products such as games, movies, computer parts, and cell phones.

Therefore, they do not have to comply with price laws, but can set their own laws.

They sell two versions of the PS5, but be prepared to pay more than the recommended retail price for them.

At the time of writing, the prices are:

Playstation 5

PS5 (box) – £750
PS5 digital edition (box) – £360

Like CEX, if you’re willing to pay more than the RRP and don’t mind if you’ve already opened the box, then Ebay is a place to consider.

One thing to note is that since you are dealing with individual sellers, there can be risks, so be prepared before bidding/buying.

You can find the console here:

Game Console 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
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The PlayStation 5 is the latest and most ambitious console released by Sony, a model that allows you to play in 4K at 60 frames per second and reach 120 FPS . It is available in two versions, with a Blu-Ray player (the one in this print) and without a disc player in the Digital Edition version.

With this PS5, the Japanese firm takes weight in the hardware with components like an 8-core processor up to 3.5 GHz, 16 GB of DDR6 RAM, 825 GB SSD, Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity and HDMI 2.1 interface… everything for a more immersive and realistic experience in next-generation titles .

Come and participate and good luck!

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